8 reasons to visit Spain

reasons to visits pain

Growing up in a country creates a very strong bond with it, Spain is the lovely country I got to grow up in and the culture is so wonderful! A country where you can find beautiful cities full of art, islands with clear blue waters and big mountain ranges like the Pyrenees. It deserves to be recognized by so many good things, even though it is mostly known by its good weather (which is one of my favorite parts, my months living in Northern Germany were hard being used to this), it has a lot more to offer.

1. You must try TAPAS

For those who don’t know what tapas are yet, whenever you go to a bar in Spain and order something to drink you will get a small (big if you’re lucky with the place) portion of food, which is usually included in the price of your drink. Even though the best city to try tapas is Granada in Andalusia, you will find some delicious ones in the rest of the cities! From a piece of Spanish tortilla, some home-made croquetas, some fried calamari or anything from the delicious Spanish cuisine. My favorite one if you visit Madrid is La Pequeña Graná, where you can get a 0,33l. beer with a tapa for 2€!

Tapas Spain
Indalo Tapas, Madrid

2. Spanish people party like no other

From music festivals to local traditions like La Tomatina (a festival where people throw tomatoes at each other, yes! This is true!), Spain is very well known for its party spirit. In summer, it gets crowded with tourists all around, partying all night at clubs in Ibiza or enjoying festivals camping in the sun and usually close to a beach.

3. The architecture is amazing

It’s no secret that Spanish architecture is stunning, and apart from the most iconic buildings, going through the cities finding hidden treasures sometimes impresses you so much more than what you see if you just follow the travel guides! Old buildings which have been taken care of over the years and are very well preserved.

plaza mayor Salamanca
Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

4. The good weather

You have sunny weather almost all year round (yes! this is also true). Of course we have cold winters, but even though it gets cold, when the warm sun comes out in the cold days it makes it all better. The areas closer to the coast have a very mild temperature and it’s even better if you go to the Canary Islands, where the lowest temperature in winter is 15°C!

5. The variety of beaches

The beaches and the landscape is so different if you go to the North, like Galicia, than if you go to Andalusia in the south. The northern landscape is a lot rockier, the water is colder due to the wind and the weather difference, but if you go to the Mediterranean coast you will find wide beautiful sand beaches

Playa de la Arnia
Playa de la Arnia

6. The friendliness of people

Spanish people like to keep close social relationships, we give two kisses on the check every time we meet someone we know or someone new. You will be greeted with the best hospitality, and if you visit someone’s house you will probably be offered some food.

7. The cultural heritage

Through the entire history of Spain, it has been ruled by Romans, Arabs and Christians. All these have left their little treasures behind and they can still be appreciated nowadays. Some examples of these are the Alhambra in Granada and the Roman Aqueduct in Segovia (click here for more things to see in Segovia).

Alhambra Granada
Alhambra, Granada
Roman Aqueduct Segovia
Roman Aqueduct, Segovia

8. Cheap prices

If you have visited other countries in western Europe, you will realize Spain has very cheap prices compared to the UK, Denmark or the Netherlands. You can find very good places where you can eat for less than 15€ per person, restaurants usually have a daily menu for lunch which is around 10€. Public transport is also very cheap and you can find different tourist ticket options.

Have you ever been to Spain? What did you like most about it?


2 thoughts on “8 reasons to visit Spain

  1. Very well absorbe of my Spain, thanks. Yes Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it everyday! if you go to Alcalà de Henares you can get canhas (glass of beer) for 50 cents euro and tapas along it for 1 euro.I have it on my post on the city. cheers


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