Street Art in Salamanca

Street Art in Salamanca

I love Street art. It’s like a free museum outdoors and you can come up with incredible surprises. When we arrived to Salamanca, we didn’t know there was such a variety of street art, then we went to the tourist information office in the Plaza Mayor and there we found a great guide about it with a map on where to find the most outstanding ones. Once we were in the area, we found there were way more paintings than what it shows on the map and from our perspective, even better ones!


It’s an ongoing project called “Galería Urbana” (Urban Gallery in Spanish) which started in 2013 in the Barrio del Oeste Neighborhood. People from the neighborhood wanted to make it more alive, so they decided to run this. For now, many artists have helped make the area more colorful with their urban art.


The map also gives you two tour options to go through the streets where you can find more art, a long one and a short one. The long one took us around 45 minutes (including many stops for pictures) and we probably still missed some amazing ones.


You will also find other cool things around, since this project has helped create a greater neighborhood identity. For example, the trees in the area are decorated with colorful knitted sweaters.


I liked a lot of them, but my favorite one was this one with the elephant, by Cristina Muñoz.


Do you like street art? Do you know more initiatives like this in other cities?


One thought on “Street Art in Salamanca

  1. Verry beautiful pieces of art!
    If you should ever come to Düsseldorf, I’d recommend you to go to the “Kiefernstraße”, you’ll love it!


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