9 Things to see & do in Porto

9 things to see and do in Porto

I’ve discovered so many new cities in the past two years and got to learn a lot of new things thanks to that, today I will talk about a trip I did with a friend some time ago already.

After spending four days in the Portugal’s second biggest city, I could discover a lot about it. Apart from strolling around the city center, one of the oldest in Europe, and declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, Porto has a lot more to offer, from great panoramic views, to a beautiful riverside and a very well-known wine culture.

1. Dom Luis I Bridge

dom Luis I Bridge

It’s the most important bridge in Porto and it was engineered by Gustave Eiffel (yeah! the same Eiffel who designed the Eiffel Tower) and it crosses the Douro River connecting Porto with the city Vila Nova da Gaia.

2. Livraria Lello

This is one of the oldest bookstores in Portugal, it has a very iconic staircase and very detailed wooden decoration. It is said that J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series inspired on this shop.

3. Torre dos Clerigos

It’s the bell tower of the Clerigos Church, right next to the bookstore. For a fee, you can climb up to the top and enjoy the view of Porto from up above.

4. Ribeira

ribeira porto

The area next to the river has an interesting charm and a variety of colors in the architecture. It’s very nice to walk along the river and eat or drink something at the bars and restaurants along.

5. Go out for some drinks

galeria de paris porto

At night if you decide to grab some drinks, you can find very nice bars in the street Galeria de Paris and its surroundings, with cool atmosphere and music. If the weather is good you can sit outside and enjoy some cocktails at a very good price!

6. Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

The park itself isn’t very special, but it’s located on the top of a hill and it’s the views from it that make it lovely! You can see the river and the Ribeira in a very clear view.

7. Take a ride on the Gaia cable car

It opens at 10 and depending on the season it runs until 18h, 19h or 20h. It’s 5€ for a one way ticket and 8€ for a round trip. It connects the area in Gaia where the wine cellars are located with Luis I Bridge, next to Jardin do Morro subway station (one way is enough to enjoy the views, we did it from the wine cellars to the top). When you buy the ticket, you will also be invited to try some of their famous Porto wine!

8. Walk to the Douro River mouth

If you are staying some days in Porto and you like long walks, you should do this! It’s about a 3-4 hour walk round trip from Luis I Bridge (already in Gaia, not in Porto). Going through fishermen villages, enjoying a nice view along the river and we even came across an old house with a huge old laundry tub still in use, some people were washing their clothes when we went by. After all this you arrive to a very nice beach, which is not as crowded as the one in Porto (we went in May and we were the only ones there), so you can enjoy the quiet and the sound of the waves and if you keep going on a bit there’s a rocky beach. At first we weren’t expecting such a long walk and we were starving, it took us a while until we finally found a place to eat something, sadly I don’t remember the name of the place but we enjoyed the sun and a fresh “tinto de verano” we deserved!

Douro river mouth Porto

9. Jardim do Morro sunset

Crossing the Luis I Bridge to Gaia, you will find this park on a hill and if you go to the top you can enjoy a nice sunset like this.

porto portugal

Did you ever go to Porto? What other places would you recommend?


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