24 hours in Prague


As one of my latest trips, I visited the city of Prague and really it is a city to fall in love with. It has a lot to offer for tourists and you can definitely spend several days wandering around its beautiful old streets. However the most important things to see and do can also be done in just one day.


Old Town Square

Old Town Square

Start the day by visiting the Old Town Square. There you can find a variety of historic buildings, which have remained untouched since the 10th century. Nowadays it’s a very touristic spot with restaurants, bars and shops.

The most outstanding things to see are the Old Town City Hall and the Astronomical Clock.

astronomical clock



Located between the Old Town and the Vltava River you will find the Jewish Quarter, also known as Josefov. In the 13th century, all the Jews in Prague had to leave their homes and were forced to live in that area. There are six synagogues, the Jewish Ceremonial Hall and the Old Jewish Cemetery, the most remarkable of its kind in Europe. All this area even survived the Nazi occupation, since Hitler wanted to save it as a “Museum of an Extinct Race”. Famous Jewish writer Franz Kafka was born here and he is commemorated with a statue in one of the streets of the Josefov.

Man Hanging Out

man hanging out sigmund freud

In Husova street in Prague’s Old Town you can find what might look like a suicide in progress, at least it has caused several people to think there was a man in danger. It’s actually a hanging sculpture of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud created by David Cerny. The intention Cerny had with the sculpture was to bring up the personal questioning of the status quo by surprising the recipient.

Have lunch at Pasta Krusta

pasta krusta

After this nice start of the day you can go to this cozy place where you can choose your favorite kind of pasta and what sauce you want, then you see how they prepare it all with natural ingredients and enjoy your meal in their lovely sitting area. The friendly staff made some good recommendations for us, like their homemade lemonade and we also really enjoyed the sauces we chose.

pasta krusta


Charles Bridge

Charles bridge

After lunch, it’s time to see the most visited place in Prague, Charles Bridge, which was made out of stone back in the 14th century. It connects the Old Town to Malá Strana, the area where you will also find Prague’s castle. The walk through it is really worth it, you will always find nice painters and musicians along the way.

Lennon wall

lennon wall

On the Mala Strana side of the bridge you will find this nice wall which starting in the 80’s was filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti. Even though he never visited Prague, he was a hero to the pacifist youth of Central and Eastern Europe during the totalitarian era. This Wall represented not only a memorial to John Lennon and his ideas for peace, but also a monument to free speech and the non-violent rebellion of Czech youth against the regime. Since then, anyone can write messages of love and peace on it, that’s why the design can change from time to time, and why the original John Lennon graffiti can not be seen anymore.

Prague Castle 

This 1100-year-old fortification has survived many fires, invasions, and even World Wars, and because of this, as time passed, it became the symbol and living legend of Prague. This huge complex occupies 70,000 m2 and you can find churches, palaces, halls… and much more. One of my favorite things: the views from it, if you’re lucky with the weather you can see the Charles Bridge and the Old Town.


Try Trdelník


After the long walk, you should allow yourself a treat! Trdelník is a typical Czech sweet, made from rolled dough wrapped around a stick with sugar. You can also fill the inside with ice cream, chocolate… Whatever you want!


Visit a Museum

Prague is full of Museums, all kinds of them, whatever topic you might have an interest in, there’s probably a museum in this city for you.

After searching through some of them online, we decided to visit the Communism Museum, which turned out to be a fantastic choice. Small but full of interesting information about the history of the country.

Have dinner at a Typical Czech restaurant (and drink some Czech beer)

Of course, if you’re visiting Prague you aren’t just there to eat Italian food, you should try some of their typical dishes. Dumplings, meat, beer… Everything that fills your stomach up good is part if the Czech cuisine. We chose Pivovarsky Dum, which had very good prices, good food, nice service and great homemade beer. You can make reservations online here and also see the menu. If you end up going there, I specially recommend the honey cake, really really delicious!


As an extra tip, jazz has a very strong presence in Prague, you can end the day at a bar with live music. We didn’t have the chance to go, but there are several all around the city, specially in the Old Town.


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