Day trips from Madrid: Segovia

Day trips from Madrid Segovia

Ever since I was a kid I have been lucky to have grandparents that live in a small village nearby. I started to come here ever since I can remember.

roman aqueduct segovia

Segovia is a small and beautiful city located north of Madrid in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León. The old city and its aqueduct are World Heritage Sites, its full of historical buildings, including a Jewish Quarter and definitely worth a visit. If you go in the morning, you can see everything in the day, have a nice lunch and on the way back enjoy the views of the castle glowing at night.

How to get there

If you want to go by bus or train, there are 2 options. My favorite one is to take the bus, it leaves from the city centre in Madrid (Moncloa), it takes about one hour and arrives at the perfect location in Segovia, it’s also the cheapest way (around 15€ roundtrip). The other option is to take the train, fastest option since it takes around 20 minutes, it leaves from Chamartin train station (north part of Madrid) and when you get to Segovia you can get a bus to reach the city centre. The price of a roundtrip by train is about 20€.

What to see

Roman Aqueduct

This is the main tourist attraction of the city, and for a reason. This aqueduct was built by the Romans during their years ruling the country (around the II century A.D), it was used to bring water to the city and it’s an extraordinary piece of engineering. The highest part is 28 meters and it total it has 167 arches. The best place to admire it is  at the Plaza de Azoguejo, and then climb up the stairs to see it from the top part.

roman aqueduct segovia

Segovia Cathedral

Built in Gothic style in the XVI century, it’s a Roman Catholic cathedral located in the Plaza Mayor (Main Square). If you’re curious and want to visit the inside it’s opened everyday from 9:30 to 18:00, except for Sundays, when they celebrate the mass and it doesn’t open until 13:00, normal tickets are 3€, 5€ if you also want to visit the tower.

segovia cathedral

The main square is used to celebrate the festivities of the city, and you have a great amount of bars and typical restaurants all around.


One of the most distinctive castles in Spain, it’s built on a stone and it’s shaped like the bow of a ship, with two rivers coming together at its end. It was first built as a fortress, but it’s been used for many other things, such as a royal palace, a state prison, a military academy…


Nowadays it’s a museum and you can go inside and see the different parts and the nice views from up above.


All of this is by walking distance and a really nice scenery to admire from one place to another through the old city.


Have you visited Segovia? If not, I hope I helped you decide to go 🙂


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