My top 11 Apps for traveling

My top 11 Apps for traveling

When I start planning a trip I like to check out other travel blogs to get some inspiration on what to see and do, but I also rely on some of the great travel apps I discovered. Here are my favorite ones:

1. Skyscanner.

Always finds the best flight options. If you want to travel on a certain time and don’t know where, it also tells you where you can travel cheaper on those date. You can also choose a destination and find out when the cheapest month to travel there is!

2. Rome2Rio.

Looking for the best way to travel from one place to another? Choose the start and end point, this app does its magic and shows you all the options you have, such as buses, trains, flights, etc. Even the price you would spend on gas if you go with your own car.

3. Google Maps.

Who does’t know Google Maps nowadays? An essential tool for orientation sometimes even useful to rediscover your home town. But something not everyone knows is that it also offers Offline Maps if you download them in advance. So if you’re travelling to a foreign country and don’t want to consume all your data on roaming, download the map of the cities before leaving or whenever you find Wifi.

4. Google Trips.

Google’s new app, I loved it since the first day I downloaded it. It offers you a free guide of your future planned trips (what to see, where to eat, how to move around…), based on the days you will spend there. You can choose your favourite options, and then download it so you can have it available offline.

5. Airbnb.

Most of the times I travel I use Airbnb, it’s a cheap way of accommodation and a good way to get to know local people, who sometime recommend the best places to go. You can share a room, get a room in a shared flat or if you prefer more privacy just look for a whole apartment.

6. TripIt.

This app puts all your tickets, reservations and transportation together so you can have it all organized in one app, including maps of the areas around your reservations.

7. Roadtrippers.

This app is mainly useful if you are planning a road trip around the States. Plan your route, add your stops and it will recommend you the best places to visit along the way.

8. Musement.

We all know, that there are several ways of discovering new places. This app shows you little city guides with activities, places to eat and drink to enjoy the stay like a local.

9. TripAdvisor.

Recommendations nearby, you can read other people’s opinions about the places you are planning to visit, such as hotels, restaurants, attractions and so on. You can now also book flights and accommodation through the app.

10. FourSquare.

FourSquare asks you for a location to recommend the best places to see, eat, drink, party in your city or destination. Very helpful to plan a trip and see what choices you have around. You can use filters to narrow your preferences.

11. Google Translate.

Sometimes it’s not too easy to find people who speak English (or your mother language) in a foreign country, or even find signs written in a language you can understand. Google Translate can always help you in those situations.


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