6 Free things to do in Hamburg

6 Free things to do in Hamburg

Last year I had the chance to go study abroad in the beautiful city of Hamburg. Apart from the cold weather and the rain, which is typical in the winter (October to May), it’s a beautiful city. I even decided to do my Internship abroad there. Hamburg is Germany’s second biggest city and it has it’s largest harbour. After I enjoyed living there for 8 months, here are my 6 favorite things you can do for free:

1. Take a stroll with the StadtRad around the Alster

6 free things to do in Hamburg6 free things to do in Hamburg

StadtRad are the red bikes you can see all around the city. It costs 5€ to make yourself a membership, but after that the first 30 minutes using the bike are always FREE! You can even take 2 bikes at once. The Alster, located in the center of the city, is a must-see in Hamburg. Taking a walk is also nice, but there is no better way of seeing it than taking a bike and experiencing Hamburg the way locals do.

2. Cross the Elbtunnel

6 free things to do in Hamburg

Go 24 meters under the surface through this old tunnel. Once you’ve walked the 436 meters you can enjoy the views of the south side of the Elbe River. Opened for cars and pedestrians, the tunnel was considered an engineering masterpiece when it was built in 1911 (I can still not imagine how they managed to build it so many years ago!).

3. Take the HVV ferry along the harbour

Okay, this one is just free if you are touring around Hamburg with a HVV day ticket. If not, it’s definitely worth to pay 3€ for that ferry tour. Hop on the line 62 in Landungsbrücken, which goes until Finkenwerder (and back) and see one of Europe’s biggest harbours with its fascinating views..

4. Walk through the Speicherstadt

6 free things to do in Hamburg6 free things to do in Hamburg

This, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of my favorite places in Hamburg. It consists of an old warehouse complex separated by canals. Nowadays, you can find many offices and some of Hamburg’s museums like the Miniatür Wunderland and the Hamburger Dungeon. Walk around the streets, follow the canals, admire the architecture…

5. Relax on the Elbstrand

6 free things to do in Hamburg

Believe it or not, there is a small beach in Hamburg where people gather to have a beer, play music, and somedays enjoy some sun. Located on the western side of the city, also good idea to ride your bike there if you are staying in the city center.

6.Visit the Rathaus

6 free things to do in Hamburg

Hamburg’s City Hall, located in the centre of the city (U-Bahn Rathaus or Jungfernstieg), is one of the most impressive ones in Europe. You can’t miss it on your trip to Hamburg.

Have you ever travelled to Hamburg? What would your best recommendations be?


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